Quality Gennie Shifters


Back in the heyday of hot rodding, when dragstrips dotted the American landscape, a mechanic and engineer named Tom Phipps had an idea for a high quality floor shift with an old school look on a modern transmission. From this idea, Gennie Shifter was born in a garage in West Covina, California, creating an iconic line of hot rod accessories including shifters, knobs, hand brakes, pedals and cables that would become the standard of the industry. Since then, Gennie Shifter has impacted the hot rod industry with a number of innovative products like the only 2 piece shift stick on the market (for easier installation and maintenance) and the industrial, yet sleek Commander Series of shift sticks and pedals. Gennie Shifter is now located in Granby, Colorado, and is owned by Nick and Sonya Peterson and their children, who maintain the tradition that all Gennie Shifter products are designed and built to the highest standards, using only the finest materials, and proudly made in the USA. The Peterson family handles every single step of the process to insure that they are creating the highest quality products available. No corners are cut, and they create products that are made to last. No chipping or flaking on chrome parts, precision machining ensures a quality build and fit every time. In addition, they carry a complete line of products to suit your needs. From the mounting kit to the custom shift knob - you will see and feel the difference when you choose Gennie Shifter for your project.