Quality Gennie Shifters


Gennie Shifter is now over 41 years old and like most things great, aging like a fine wine.  Our family acquired Gennie just two years ago and we have learned a ton!

In 1980 Tom Phipps established Gennie Shifter’s roots in the hot rod industry out of his garage in West Covina, California.  He wanted a high quality floor shift with an old school look on a modern transmission.  He continued with e-brakes, brake cables, spoon throttles and shift knobs.  After 20 years he sold Gennie Shifter to Todd Gold in the mile high city of Denver.  Over the next 20 years Gennie had more development impacting the hot rod industry with products like the only 2 piece shift stick on the market (for easier installation and maintenance) and the industrial, yet sleek Commander Series of shift sticks and pedals. Gennie also moved to a small Colorado mountain town a mile and a half high, which is where we were introduced to Gennie Shifter.

“American made parts for your American made hot rod”, but most of you already know this.

Coming from the motorcycle and snowmobile industries we are super excited to have a family business focused on maintaining the American made standard.  We believe that American soil is where the best things are made.  We are part of an industry that made America.  We are proud of our products and the positive impact in the community.  Over the past year we have heard from many of our customers.  Your stories of your hot rods and your love of the Gennie Shifter line of products, brings us much joy.  We look forward to moving through these challenging times with you and thank you for letting us be a part of your Hot Rods!


Nick Peterson and the Gennie Crew!




Unlike other manufacturers of hot rod and street rod parts, we make our parts in the United States - Granby, Colorado in fact. We oversee every single step of the process to insure we are creating the highest quality parts out there. No corners are cut, we create products that are made to last. No chipping or flaking on chrome parts, precision machining ensures a quality build and fit every time. Not only that, we carry a complete line of products to suit your needs. From the mounting kit to the custom shift knob - we have you covered. Here are a few products that we are proud of and know you will see and feel the difference when you choose Gennie Shifter for your project.